Here is the place where we give you brutally honest facts about the breed. If you can not do or handle these then look for a different breed of dog because the Catahoula is not for you. 


1. If you can not provide both mental and physical stimulation this IS NOT the dog for you. Catahoulas were bred to work,hunt and guard the owner's property. They are smart and need mental stimulation to use that intelligence on. If you can not give them lots to do and think about they will become destructive, aggressive and basically just plain old miserable. 


2. THESE ARE NOT DOG PARK DOGS!!!  If you want a dog to take to the dog park or open air restaurants etc... get a Golden Retriever. Catahoulas are territorial and protective. They do not tolerate strangers easily nor do they take what they perceive as disrespect from other dogs. These dogs will protect what they think is theirs ( you, your family,home ect...) to their last breath. They are very loyal and loving to their family and people they have been exposed to. They are very standoffish with strangers.



3. If not raised with a strong hand they will rule the roost. You can not let a Catahoula's beauty fool you into being a push over, when they break the rules they must have correction immediately. Example if you go to take something from your puppy and they growl at you it's time for you to correct them I usually use a rolled up newspaper , a fly swatter for a puppy or if those aren't in reach a small swat on the nose usually works. If this sounds cruel then this is not your breed period!!! If you let that slide because you don't want to hurt their feelings then all your doing is going down the road to an adult dog that has no respect for you and can become uncontrollable. 
So do yourself as well as the dog a great favor and make sure you can give corrections when needed and trust me a simple mousy "No" won't cut it .



4. Be prepared for no more privacy. Catahoula's biggest job in their mind is to keep you safe. If they can't see you they can't save you from danger. So no more bathroom time by yourself, no more having an enjoyable snack by yourself ( they know what those beautiful eyes are for) and absolutely no leaving the room without them following on your heels. I mean they do take their job quite seriously.  



I hope this little bit of info can help you and your family make a educated decision on becoming a Catahoula's family.