We strive to provide beautiful and healthy puppies. All our puppies are seen by our Veterinarian.


Each puppy will come with all age appropriate vaccinations and has been kept on a strict worming schedule.

They will also come with a NALC registration form. Please be sure to register your puppy with in 6 months.



All puppies will have been examined by our licensed Veterinarian before leaving our facility. 



We guarantee that the puppy will be in good health at time of leaving our facility.


Sandstone Creek  DOES NOT   guarantee puppy once it has left our possession for any   virus,  parasites,  bacterial,  allergies , undescended testicles,  mange,  behavioral issues  or any condition caused by abuse or neglect.

Please read above paragraph again  we can not control what the puppy is exposed to after it has left our care so please keep your puppy isolated as much as possible until it has received ALL vaccinations. Your puppy IS susceptible to Parvo, Distemper until fully vaccinated which does not occur until age 12 to 14 weeks old depending on your Vet's recommendation

If for some reason your puppy is found to be ill or have some other condition at time of Health exam you will be notified immediately about issue.

If issue is serious ( Is deemed by our Veterinarian that puppy can not be treated with full recovery and no side effects)  Buyer will be offered another puppy from same litter or another litter of equal quality.


Sandstone Creek only does replacements   NO Refunds  


Hernias are common in Catahoula puppies and any puppy found to have a hernia will be treated by our Veterinary and receive a clear bill of health before leaving our facility. Buyer's will be made aware at time of pick if a puppy has a hernia that will need to be addressed. 

Sandstone Creek will not he held responsible for puppy once it leaves our facility with Pet Transport. 

Please see shipping page for info on shipping puppies.



Deposit cost is $200 and is non-refundable 

All puppy picks are done in order date of deposit received 

Your deposit is applied to the total cost of your puppy.



All our puppies are priced individually running from $500-$1200


Price is based on the puppy itself  (conformation, color, parentage)  

At time of pick (which will be after Vet exam at 6 weeks old)  each puppy's photo will be clearly priced. First deposit by date received will be first to pick and so on.

Sandstone Creek has first choice of any litter.


Adult Dog purchasing info  


We occasionally have adult dogs available.

To find out if any adults are available please contact us at number provided below.

Be aware  that all adults are sold as is. We do not  guarantee adult dogs once they have left our possession.

We do not do transport of any kind on our adult dogs  they must be picked up by buyer.

Buyer will be required to examine  dog  and make sure dog appears healthy to them.
Once buyer has examined dog they will be required to sign a release that states they have received an Oklahoma Health Certificate ( which is included in price of dog. )  and they have fully looked over dog and are satisfied with said dog.

If buyer at time of pickup is not satisfied with dog they will be refunded their deposit  minus cost of the Health Certificate and we as the seller will keep dog. 


A deposit for adult dogs is half the cost of the dog. Remainder due at pickup.










Deposits can be made through 


PayPal, CashApp or USPS Money Order  


For any other questions you can call