We ship to all lower 48 states and Alaska. All bookings are done when pups are 7 weeks old so that they can be shipped at 8 weeks old. Shipping at this time is $425.00. this includes cage, flight and health certificate. Please realize we can not control price changes of the airlines so please check cost of shipping with us at time of puppy purchase. 

We will notify you of puppy's flight times as soon as possible.  Keep in mind we are a hour and twenty mins. from airport so we will SHIP ALL PUPPIES SOLD on the same day. If for some reason that day will not work for you then there will be an additional charge of $50 to make a seperate trip to airport.

If you want ground transport then you must set the transport up yourself.There are several transport companies on FB so if looking to go that route then you may search there. We will be glad to meet your transporter for pick up. MUST GIVE US  48 HR. NOTICE OF PICKUP TIME.