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Welcome to Sandstone Creek Catahoulas 

We are located in Guthrie,Oklahoma. 

We strive to produce big bodied dogs with big hearts and lots of drive.

All our dogs are NALC registered and we are a Certified Breeder with the NALC. 

Please research the Catahoula before purchasing one. They are not for everyone. The NALC link is a good place to start. They have alot of info on the breed. 

The Catahoula needs a strong Pack Leader at all times. They are not for someone who isn't willing to play that part. 

The Catahoula is a wonderful breed. They are loyal without fault and will protect what they see as theirs. 

They make a wonderful companion for children when raised with them.

Please read up on them and ask lots of questions, because as said before they are not for everyone. 

Our dogs are bred for inteligence not just working or hunting. A good well bred dog should be able to do almost any task you ask of it. They should be able to work livestock and still hunt. They should be a good watch dog and a good companion. 

Please look around our site and feel free to contact us with any further questions.