At this time our puppy price is $600

Deposit cost is $150  Sandstone Creek reserves the right to have first pick of any litter.

Sandstone Creek reserves the right to refuse a deposit for any reason they feel is called for.

Pick of litter is done by order of which deposits are recieved. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

Picks will begin when pups are around 4 weeks old. You will have 24 hrs to make your choice. If you do not respond then you will be moved to bottom of list!!

If you do not take puppy from litter avaliable then you will be moved to next litter. 

If for some unseen reason there is a litter failure then you will be contacted to see which litter you would like to be placed on.

All Payments are due in full 24 hrs after pick has been made. NO EXCEPTIONS! 

If pup is being shipped then shipping is due at 7 weeks old.

All Deposits and Payments are done via PAYPAL  No account needed to use. See our payment page.

Puppies are only offered to the public after all deposit picks have been made. Most leopard colored puppies are sold through deposit  so if you are wanting a leopard colored puppy from us your best chance is to place a deposit and get a spot on the list.